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Note:  With some browsers, you may need to download the
form(s) into Adobe Reader to fill out and print.
If you want to save a  filled-in form as a PDF on your
local device, it is best to download it and then fill it in
as many browsers will  not download a filled-in form. 

Unless instructed otherwise, completed forms
may be left at the Village Center front desk.


Name of Form Use this Form to:
FACILITY RESERVATION/RENTAL REQUEST  New March 18, 2021 Request to reserve and/or rent facility space.
REQUEST FOR CHANGE TO OWNER ACCOUNT  Request change of ownership name(s) on homeowner's account.
Age verification required by the Housing for Older Persons Act.
This form is used to submit a referral to be added to the Homeowner to Homeowner Referral System.
SUGGESTION FORM Suggest an improvement for the community.
SUNFLOWER ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPLICATION Updated March 13, 2022 Apply for ARC approval of landscaping and dwelling-unit modifications.
CLUB / ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION Describe a new club or activity group, using a consistent format.
TEMPORARY ABSENCE NOTIFICATION Inform the Sunflower Association of your address and contact information when temporarily away from Sunflower.  Click here for USPS Mail Forwarding.  Click here for Marana Vacation Watch.
CHANGE OF ADDRESS Inform the Sunflower Association of property owner's change of address.
DIRECTORY UPDATE Use this form to update your information in the Sunflower Residents printed directory.
SUNFLOWER COMMITTEE APPLICATION Apply for membership in a Sunflower committee.
PRAC ADVISOR APPLICATION Apply to become an advisor to the PRAC committee.
VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT Submit this form if you wish to become a community volunteer.
(Reference:  Policy Manual Section 10.03)
ASSOCIATION MEMBER COMPLAINT DECLARATION Report a violation of the community's rules to the Sunflower Association.
PROCEDURE AND FORM FOR DONATING TREES OR PLANTS Donate trees, plants or funds for common-area landscaping.
SMOKE DETECTOR BATTERY REPLACEMENT REQUEST Request assistance in replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors.
APPLICATION FOR GARAGE, MOVING OR ESTATE SALE Request an exception to hold a garage, moving or estate sale.
LANDSCAPE AND LIGHTING ISSUES Report common-area landscape issues: broken tree limbs, weeds, lights out, etc.
IRRIGATION SYSTEM ISSUES Report leaks in the common-area irrigation system.
Report maintenance or repair issues in or arround the Village Center such as lights out, equipment malfunction or cleanliness issues.
APPLICATION FOR NOMINATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTION Application to become a candidate for election to the Sunflower Board of Directors.
EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION Submit (or update) emergency contact information.
INTENT TO RENT Submit intent to rent your house, in order to obtain authorization.
TENANT INFORMATION Submit information about the tenant renting your house.

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