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July 22, 2021     Volume 11 Number 29
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  1. Election Update
  2. Landscape Committee
  3. Activities Committee Square Dance
  4. Community Surveys
  5. Website Information
  6. Bocce Court Repairs
  7. Asset Bids
  8. Social Club
  9. Activities Committee Presentation
  10. Activities Committee Plays
  11. Mah Jongg
  12. Mah Jongg

1.         ELECTION UPDATE: We now have 3 Candidates and we need 5.  Obviously, we need 2 more to maintain our 7 member Board.  That is our goal as it distributes the workload and takes the burden off the team.  Please think about it and be proactive.  The Sunflower Community needs you.  We'd love a strong come back after COVID beat us down.
2.         LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: With a replacement cost $2,360,000, our 900+ community trees are a valuable asset! Community members have already tagged just over 100 with numbered, metal tags and the work will resume with cooler temperatures. This system will give us a way to track any tree work and also provide you with an easier way to report any tree damage. We ask that you DO NOT remove tags or any temporary colored tape. Thank you for your support.
3.         ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE SQUARE DANCE: Free Event.  This Saturday, July 24th in the Fiesta Room.  Bring your friends, neighbors, snacks and beverages and enjoy some good old square dance fun.  Tom Crisp will be providing a few lessons before the dancing starts.    The festivities start at 6:00PM until 8:30PM.
4.         COMMUNITY SURVEYS: Some of you may remember the Board of Directors has approved to allow clubs and Committees to create a basic survey which would be distributed to the entire Community. If you are part of a club that is interested in sending out a Community Survey please contact Andrea at for the specifics. This would need to be completed prior to September to ensure it is in the current fiscal year. This may be a good resource to poll the Community on various topics.
5.         WEBSITE INFORMATION: Clubs, Groups and Committees would you like to share more information with the Community? If so, a great option would be to send an article to the web team and have it posted to the Sunflower Living website.
A great option is to have it on the "What's New" tab. Very helpful and informative information shared. If you haven't reviewed that recently, we encourage you to do so.
6.       BOCCE COURT REPAIRS: The crew has started the Bocce court repairs. Second pour was infact completed. I apologize misinformation was given at the Board meeting. Currently we do not have a date of completion. We ask that you please avoid the area for everyones safety.
7.         ASSET BIDS:  We currently have two (2) MATRIX treadmills that are up for bid. The bidding starts at $25.00. The condition of the treadmills are as is. Per the Community's Asset Disposal Policy, the bidding will end on July 23rd at 5:00pm. If you are interested in bidding on an item, bid forms are available at the Village Center front desk. All final payment shall be in a check, made out to the Sunflower Community Association.

Removal of the equipment is the bidder's responsibility and must be removed within 72 hours after the close of bid.
8.         SOCIAL CLUB: We're back!!! On Saturday, August 21st we will have a Chicken Dinner followed by a "Sing-a-Long". Dinner will be served at 6:00. Tickets are $10 and will be on sale on July 17th and July 30th from 10:00 to Noon both days. Members from 2020 will have their memberships carried forward for 2021. New members will pay reduced dues of $2.00 for 2021.          
9.         ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE PLAYS: The Activity Committee will be presenting 3 one-act plays in early October.  The male roles are cast, but we still need a few women to fill the roles.  If you are interested please contact Vicki Keener at 520-244-8734.  Please consider participating.  The plays are short and funny and we'll have fun putting them on. Thank you.
10.      MAH JONGG: Mah Jongg players will be meeting in the library at the village center at 1:00pm every Sunday afternoon. Either experienced or not, all are welcome. Individual instruction will be available if needed. Come and enjoy a fun afternoon with friends and bring your game and 2021 card if you have them. Questions? Call Lynn at 520-268-7784.
11.      MAH JONGG: Every Wednesday from 9:00am-11:00am in the Library. Any questions, call Anne at 572-4033.


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