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  March 19, 2020 Volume 10, Number 12 

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The Latest News


   Topics included in this issue:

  1. AARP Tax Aide
  2. Cancelled  Sunflower Events
  3. Communicator
  4. Election
  5. Finance Committee
  6. Fitness Club
  7. Neighbors helping Neighbors
  8. Travel Club
  9. Village Center Hours

   Please see below...

1. AARP TAX AIDE: All AARP Tax Aide services are suspended until further notice. If you have access to a computer you can access the following IRS website to obtain details on how to file your taxes online for free.

2. CANCELLED SUNFLOWER EVENTS: As of Thursday, March 19, 2020. Subject to change.

500 Cards: 3/19 & 3/26
Baskets:  3/23
Bacchus Wine: 3/25
Chorale: All events.
Crafts: 3/23 & 3/30
Euchre: Until further notice.
Finance Meeting: March Meeting Postponed
Hiking Club Potluck: 4/4
Karaoke: 3/24
Ladies Bridge: 3/24 & 3/31
Ladies Lunch: 4/8
Line Dancing: Until further notice
Life After Loss: 3/29
Saturday Coffee Klatch: Until further notice
Strategic Task Force: 3/25
Tennis:  3/28
Tops: 3/23
Violet’s Fitness Classes: Until 4/7
Yoga: Until Further Notice.

If you have questions about cancellations or closures, please
contact the Front Desk at 520.572.9780.

3. COMMUNICATOR: Please do not reply to the Communicator. The webteam is made up of volunteers from the  Sunflower Community and will not be able to reply. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Village Center at 520.572.9780. Thank you.

4. ELECTION: The “Voting Table” for homeowners who received an electronic ballot for the Board of Directors election and prefer to vote by Paper Ballot, may vote on Friday, March 20th at the Village Center.  The “Voting Table” will be open from 3:00 p.m.  until 5:00 p.m.  Homeowners must present their proximity card to request a paper ballot.

5. FINANCE COMMITTEE: Members needed. No experience required. Please pick up an application at the front desk or online at Sunflowerliving.com, under forms.

6. FITNESS CLUB: All of Violet's Fitness classes have been canceled for the next few weeks. We will resume classes on April 7th. Water Aerobics will continue at this time.  Mister Car Washes have suspended fundraisers so we will not be selling car wash passes until after April 25th.

7. NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS: Recent events have resulted in some of our Sunflower residents being unable to grocery shop, etc.  Luckily a few individuals have volunteered to help others in the community. Call the Village Center at 572.9780 for more information or if you’d like to volunteer to help others during this time.

8. TRAVEL CLUB: Due to the Coronavirus situation we are canceling the Travel Club’s April 7th Membership Meeting. If you have already paid your $1 it will be honored at our Fall Membership Meeting. The sponsors of the canceled San Diego trip are still negotiating with the prepaid vendors. We will keep all who were going on the trip updated as to refunds. We thank you for your patience.

9. VILLAGE CENTER HOURS: The Village Center will be closing at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, March 23rd for carpet/tile cleaning. The fitness room will also be closed as the carpet in that area will be cleaned. No admittance to the building will be allowed. The pool can be accessed using the pool gate.

The Village Center will be closing at 5:00 p.m. everyday until further notice.

Articles for the Communicator should be sent to:
Ann.Marie@fsresidential.com by Thursday 10:00 a.m.
Please keep notices for upcoming events that will happen within two weeks to 75 characters or fewer.
Please do not send a pdf attachment.

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