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  April 11, 2019 Volume 9, Number 16 

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The Latest News


   Topics included in this issue:

  1. Site Inspections
  2. Attention
  3. Activities Committee
  4. Beginning Spanish
  5. Fitness Club
  6. Fun Karaoke
  7. Genealogy Society 
  8. Intro to Bocce Ball
  9. Romeo 2 - Breakfast
  10. Spring Yard Sale
  11. Sunflower Chorale Spring Concert
  12. Sunflower Social Club
  13. Tech Club Meeting COMP

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Management does site inspections looking for homes that may not be in compliance. This includes but is not limited to weeds in yards, bushes that need to be trimmed, vehicles parked in yards, trailers, houses that need to be repainted, landscape rock replenishment, etc.

Homeowners are responsible for keeping their lot free of weeds. This includes the strip between the sidewalk and street. If you are on the corner the area from your block wall to the street is also your responsibility unless it is a designated common area. The avoid receiving a violation letter please do your part in keeping Sunflower a beautiful and attractive community.

The weather is heating up and guests are arriving at Sunflower.  Only holders of valid proximity cards or their guests (when guest punch cards are presented at the Center desk) are entitled to use the association facilities. Homeowners are required to sign in their guests and have the guest card punched. Guests are limited to five at a time. Please also familiarize yourself and your guests (particularly children)  with the Pool and Spa Policy Rules found here: https://sunflowerliving.com/monthly/2009/Assoc_Policy_Manual/06.07-Spa%26PoolRules_01_13_2016.pdf

We need 2 brave men and 1 outgoing female to fill our roster for the November 15th play.  Please call Karen at 586-292-6177 for information on the three parts.  Let’s wrap this up so I can order the things everyone needs to start working on their parts.  Dare to try something different, you know you want to.

4. BEGINNING SPANISH: Sun Catcher Schedule Correction
This class was completed in March and is expected to resume in the Fall if enough interest.  Please contact Eugenia Meenan at eugeniame@comcast.net for class

5. FITNESS CLUB: Would like to thank everyone who purchased dinner at Music Under the Stars for supporting their fund raiser. They really appreciate the support from the community.Thank you,
Sue Uden.

6. FUN KARAOKE:The Snowbirds join in for another Fun-filled evening of Karaoke songs on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

7. GENEALOGY SOCIETY:  The Society's  next  meeting  is   set for  2:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 16th. Our speaker,  Holly Gibson,  from  the Sun City  Vistoso Genealogy Club  has   impressive  credentials. Her talk title  is "International Genealogical Research."   Attendees will  learn about websites  overseas that could facilitate  their search  for relatives  in the "old  country." Following  the  talk we will  have a Focus  Meeting  to  discuss and vote on programs for 2020.

8. INTRO TO BOCCE BALL:  Everyone is welcome! Join beginners and learn to play this fun and challenging game. Bocce Ball is a unique game in that it allows players of all skill and fitness levels to participate. We have Senior Olympic medalists here in our community who will teach us the ins and outs of the game. No RSVP, meet at the courts on Wednesday, May 8th, 6:30 p.m. BYOB.  

9. ROMEO-2 BREAKFAST NEWS:  Attention Men of Sunflower: A list of the dates and the restaurants for the remainder of 2019 is posted on the bulletin board just outside the Fitness Center. Breakfast reservations are 9:00  a.m. on Tuesday.  If you want the list emailed to you, send an email to glxmn@aol.com with subject 'ROMEO-2 . Please, include your name in the email.  Check the Sun Catcher each month for carpool time.

10. SPRING YARD SALE: Saturday, April 13th from 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

11. SUNFLOWER CHORALE SPRING CONCERT: Dates and times are May 2nd and 3rd at 4:30 and May 5th at 2:00.  Tickets are required and are going fast!  They will be available again in the Village Center on April 16th from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. There is no charge for the tickets, but cash donations at the concerts are greatly appreciated.

We will not be having an event in April due to Easter being on the day after our regular scheduled date.  Stay tuned for our May “Potluck”.

 Come to this month’s Tech Club meeting to get some great photo-taking tips and apps to make your shots look amazing. And, find out how to effectively search online for what you want to know. Are you turning your computer or device off correctly? Find out. Wednesday at 10:00 a.m

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