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 June 1, 2018 Volume 8, Number 23 

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The Latest News


   Topics included in this issue:

  1. Singles & Friends - 6/16/18
  2. June Potluck - 6/14/18
  3. Medication Lock Boxes
  4. Travel Club Sales Desk
  5. Upcoming Election
  6. Message from the CIF Ad-hoc Committee

   Please see below...

1 SINGLES AND FRIENDS: Tickets will be on sale next Wednesday, June 6th, from 10:00 a.m. to Noon for our June 16th event.  The theme will be “Remember Dear Old Dad”.   The tickets are $10 and we will be having a dinner catered by Dickey’s Barbecue (beef brisket and chicken are the meats).  $5 yearly membership required.  Please join us to celebrate all fathers.  Call Laurie Dunn at 572-0332 with any questions.

2. JUNE POTLUCK: Mark your calendar’s for the June 14th, Flag Day Potluck. Ticket sales  will be on June 5th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Please join us for a great meal and to celebrate the flag.

3. MEDICATION LOCK BOXES: Protect grandchildren from accidental poisonings, or older teens or adults from stealing medication from your cupboard for misuse. Store medications in a safe place, such as a prescription drug lock box or a locked medicine cabinet. Marana Prevention Alliance is able to provide a limited number of lock boxes to community members FOR FREE. Please contact Elaine Thorn at 520 744 3334.

Our Sales Desk will be dark until September 19th.  We will be selling MEMBERSHIPS ONLY on that day with dues of $5.  In October we will begin selling tickets for some of the trips that we are planning.  See you in September……..

It's coming up to that time of the year when you will be called upon to volunteer to be a part of the Sunflower Board of Directors. We have 3 Directors who have put in their appreciated time to serve and moving on. So if you like to have any involvement with new ideas and your expertise, this is your chance.  The Call for 4 Board Candidates will be necessary to fill the spots and notice will be mailed the week of September 10th, so please think about how you can make a difference. Applications will be be available at the reception desk. Electronic voting and paper ballots will be available starting the week of  October 8th, 2018. Our sincere Thanks and Appreciation for the past Board Members for their service.

6. MESSAGE FROM THE CIF Ad-hoc Committee: Our Sunflower Board of Directors has authorized an Ad-hoc committee to gather advise on a CIF (Community Improvement Fund) project. The new committee members are: Charles Ingalls - Chair, Barbara Bernardi - secretary, Shirley Bailey, Betsy Boorse and Jim Smith. Jerry Nugent is the Board liaison.  This committee is asking for ideas form Sunflower Residents. Please submit your suggestions at the reception desk in writing, clearly marked CIF - Ad-hoc suggestion. Your suggestion may also be handed directly to one of the committee members. We would like to have the project decided on by October, 2018.


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