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The Sunflower Communicator newsletter was established by the Board of Directors as a service to community residents. A newsletter will be sent out as an email whenever there is important information to share with the community. Note that the newsletters do not take the place of the Sun Catcher or the Sunflowerliving Website. In addition to newsletters, short notes concerning schedule changes, closures, safey issues, etc. will occasionly be sent to subscribers.

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Please note that the Communicator is intended for residents and employees of the Sunflower Community.

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In addition to newsletters, you will receive occasional short notes concerning a special event, schedule change, safety issue, etc.

If you should decide to cancel your subscription, just click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the last Communicator email that you received.  If you want to change your profile information (name, addess or phone number), click the “Update your preferences” link at the bottom of the email. To change your email address, send a request to .

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Some email programs, as well as email providers, will sometimes treat newsletter emails as “spam”.  To help ensure that Communicator emails are not flagged as “spam” (or “junk”), please add the email address to your email program’s contacts list (or address book) and, if possible, to your email provider’s “whitelist”. (Or, if allowed by your email system, just the domain name

If your email app requests a name to go with the SFcom email address, just make up something.