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“Project SunnierFlower” – The Year of Renewal


“Project SunnierFlower” Details:


Our Planned Community Center Improvements:


  Modernizing its appearance and upgrading its functions to include:

o Upgrading the kitchen to benefit community gatherings
o Expanding and reequipping our dated fitness center
o Refurbishing the worn locker rooms
o Lobby and reception area décor and furniture upgrades
o Expanded and additional conference/meeting areas
o Refurbishing of public area restrooms
o Repainting of the Fiesta Room
o New billiard room chairs and painting
o Carpet, paint and baseboards in the library/card room
o New counter tops, sinks and paint in the craft room

   Upgrading the pool area with much needed and wanted shade, a new look and new furnishings

   Exterior improvements to make the front of the center a focal point of Sunflower


Progress to Date:


We have an excellent designer on staff – Patty Richardson of Casa Linda Designs.  She seems to be very much in tune with the tastes of our community and has agreed to provide a fixed price for her services from start to finish allowing us to better control costs. Plus, she has worked extensively with our general contractor, Shorbe Construction.

Our on-site project manager is Kelly Ayers from Shorbe Construction.  Management and board members have met with Kelly several times and he seems to be focused on our needs and desires. John Shorbe, the owner, will also be overseeing the project.

Work is complete in the Library, Billards Room, Fiesta Room, Craft Room, Kitchen, Pool Area and landscaping in front of the Community Center.

Work will begin on the expansion of the Fitness Center, new conference room and refurbishing the locker rooms on Monday, September 11. The technology room and locker rooms will be closed during the entire construction period which is expected to last until Mid-October. The fitness center will remain open during most of the construction but will have to close to run electrical, HVAC, fire detection, sprinkler and TV lines. During the construction, pool users are asked to use the courtside restrooms so that they are not tracking water into the main area to use the lobby restrooms. The technology club will have a couple of computers available throughout the building. When necessary, the fitness center will close and reopen as soon as the work is approved by the Town of Marana.

The latest construction schedule can be viewed using the "Construction Schedule" link below.

Updates on closures and works in progress can be viewed using the "Room Closures" link below.

Check out some construction and completed project photos using the links below.



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